State Government assistance for Queensland graziers

Prickly acacia image credit: flickr User: John Tann

The State Government has announced a financial assistance for Queensland graziers to help them fight against prickly acacia and bellyache bush that infest over six million hectares of western grazing lands.

Prickly acacia image credit: flickr User: John Tann
Prickly acacia
image credit: flickr User: John Tann

According to the media statement by Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry John McVeigh, the State Government will provide $1.88 million to help graziers rid themselves of this serious problem.

“The ‘War on Western Weeds’ initiative will integrate latest research and on-ground control to fight the spread of these weeds and support our vision to double agriculture production by 2040. These weeds decrease pasture production, make mustering difficult, damage vehicle tyres, decrease access to water and result in declined land values,” said Mr McVeigh.

Mr McVeigh further pointed out that the Newman Government is accelerating the bio-control, chemical and mechanical control research in order to stop the spread and reduce the weeds in Queensland’s grazing regions.

“Over the past couple of years I have met and discussed weed control strategies with producers in the west. As part of this program we have three insects being tested for bio-control effectiveness. We are also undertaking herbicide misting trials as part of our on-ground control research,” he said.

“We will be working with industry and the community on ways to stop the spread of weed seeds to better protect productive grazing lands. We made a commitment at the last election to grow agriculture as one of the four pillars of our economy. Through this initiative we are taking action to strengthen the sector and support farmers to increase their productivity and profitability.”

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