Strategic Elements’ self-charging, humidity-powered battery tech exceeds 4V output in early testing

Image Credit: Strategic Elements

Strategic Elements Ltd’s (ASX:SOR) self-charging battery technology can now successfully generate an output of over 4V from air moisture thanks to a recent prototype battery pack containing multiple battery ink cells fabricated onto glass.

Specifically designed to generate electricity from humidity either in air or skin surface, the interconnected power source is showing strong potential at the early stages of testing, with a single cell now capable of producing a maximum voltage of 4.4V (compared to the previous 0.8V).

The project – a collaboration partially funded by a Federal Government grant with CSIRO and the University of New South Wales – will likely see further development to reduce battery ink cell size minus any output compromises, and allow the cells to be incorporated onto a flexible textile material.

Current development has focused on voltage and energy-harvesting, and Strategic Elements will soon focus on establishing its feasibility in the wearables market. The high levels of humidity on human skin could allow the self-charging tech to be integrated into skin patches.

“The market focus remains on wearables and IoT related devices as they have lower energy output requirements such as cosmetic, pressure, environmental and health,” the release stated.

Commenting on the development milestone, Managing Director Charles Murphy said: “We are obviously very encouraged with the milestones being achieved by UNSW and the team.”

“In response to that we are adding in PhD material science expertise and developing a panel of industry specialists,” Murphy continued.

“The technology sits across two of the strongest 2021 investment sectors in batteries and environmental technologies and is a very good fit for our high-risk, high reward Pooled Development Fund structure.”

Strategic Elements has already lodged a patent application to cover the aspects of the work conducted under the program.