Talon unveils update on the Walyering gas field development

Bird’s-eye view of the Walyering Production Facility. Image credit: Talon Energy Ltd

Talon Energy Ltd has released an update on the development of the Walyering gas field in the Perth Basin.

Since the last report, Operator Strike Energy has continued construction at the Walyering gas field, which has gone off without an incident and remains on track. All processing equipment is now in place, condensate tanks and offload facilities are being built, utilities installation is complete, and the Parmelia Gas Pipeline (PGP) connection is being built. Pipework and instrumentation will be completed in the following days, as will the final electrical connections.

The commissioning procedure was prepared to send commissioning gas into the PGP for sale once the regulator granted permission to introduce hydrocarbons. The physical commissioning procedure is expected to take less than a week, after which steady-state operations will begin. The Operator’s production team has been carrying out production rehearsals and other operational preparedness exercises in preparation for daily production.

The Joint Venture has also signed a contract for condensate transportation services with Road Trains Australia, which has direct experience in trucking, managing, and delivering condensate liquids from Western Australia to Port Bonython.