Tasmania welcomes opening of Shree Mineral’s new mine

Image credit: wikimedia commons By: Martin Roell

Deputy Premier Bryan Green  has welcomed the opening of Shree Mineral’s new mine in the far North-West, declaring Tasmania’s mining industry open for business, according to the latest media release by the Premier of Tasmania. 

Image credit: wikimedia commons By: Martin Roell
Image credit: wikimedia commons
By: Martin Roell

“This is great news for the company and for the many people on the North-West Coast who are benefiting from the jobs and economic activity this mine is producing,” Mr. Green said.

“The Government has been unwavering in its support of this project and other mining developments we are seeing come to fruition around Tasmania.”

According to him, the start of production from the Shree mine, situated Southwest of Smithton, near Temma, would generate a significant profit of approximately $80 million per year and will create more than 120 new jobs for local residents.

“Today is the culmination of years of work and a multi-million dollar investment in mineral exploration by the company.”

“Shree Minerals estimate a 10-year mine life but subject to further exploration, a second stage of the mine could extend the mine life by up to 30 years.”

“The investment and jobs from the Shree mine are extremely important for the Circular Head region, the mining industry in general and the Tasmanian economy,” said Mr. Green.

Mr. Green also accused the Liberals of spreading negativity and trying to “take down” the mining industry.

“There is a high level of confidence in our mining industry despite the constant negativity and the best efforts of the Liberals to talk it down.”

“The Shree mine has satisfied the strictest environmental standards in the world and now it’s all systems go,” he said.

Mr. Green also expressed his confidence that the opening of the Shree mine would attract further investments in the mining sector in the region.

“The heavily mineralized areas of the North-West and West Coasts are providing significant jobs and opportunities for Tasmania.”

“Provided new mines in Tasmania meet all the required approvals there is absolutely no reason they should not proceed,” Mr. Green concluded.