Technology Metals kicks off feasibility study to produce vanadium electrolyte in Australia


Australian vanadium developer, Technology Metals Australia Limited is commencing a feasibility study for the production of vanadium electrolyte in Australia.

According to the company’s statement, the proposed plant would utilise the low-cost, high-purity vanadium pentoxide from its Murchison Technology Metals Project (MTMP) in WA to produce vanadium electrolyte to support the growing market for longer-duration energy storage batteries in Australia.

“Technical support for the feasibility study will be provided by Technology Metals’ partner LE System through an extension to the existing MOU to at least 30 June 2023,” it says in the statement.

“Under the MOU, Technology Metals will have access to LE System’s knowledge, expertise, and experience in the production of vanadium electrolyte.


“In addition, Technology Metals and LE System are continuing discussions on the future licencing of electrolyte production technology and the supply of vanadium from the MTMP to LE System’s own electrolyte plant in Japan.”

To fast-track the production of vanadium electrolyte to supply Australian VRRB’s, Technology Metals has also established a wholly owned subsidiary, vLYTE.

Managing Director Ian Prenticesaid said vLYTE would be working closely with the team at LE System to progress the feasibility study and ultimate commercialisation of the vanadium electrolyte business in Australia.

“As we move closer to a development decision on the MTMP vanadium project, we are increasing our focus on these downstream project enhancement initiatives,” he stated.

“With an increased need for optimisation of renewable energy generation, there is a growing market for longer duration battery storage technologies such as vanadium redox flow batteries.

“With Technology Metals on track to be the world’s next pure low-cost vanadium producer, the Company is well placed to become the preferred supplier of vanadium for these batteries.”

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