Top Iron to invest $1.4 million in Mt Gibson Wildlife Restoration Project

Feral cats Image credit: flickr User: maginoz1

Top Iron, a Chinese-backed iron ore mining company, has joined the fight aimed at controlling feral cats by investing necessary land and funding for a predator proof fence in Western Australia.

Feral cats Image credit: flickr User:  maginoz1
Feral cats
Image credit: flickr User: maginoz1

According to the news article featured on ABC, the project is led by the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) and requires a 43 km fence spread around 7,800 hectares.

Top Iron owns the mining lease which is right next to the area in question.

Chief Executive Atticus Fleming says that the Australian Wildlife Conservancy plans on re-introducing nine of the most endangered mammals, including bilbies, numbats, woylies and western barred bandicoots.

According to Mr Fleming, Top Iron will invest three times the amount that is required by the Environmental Protection Authority of Western Australia.

“This partnership sets a new benchmark for the mining industry in terms of reinvesting the benefits of the mining boom in on-ground conservation,” said Mr Fleming.

“It is also a leading example of foreign investment helping to protect and restore Australia’s threatened natural wildlife.”

According to official estimates, Australia’s wide feral cat population amounts to 18 million. Feral cats are suspected of killing up to 75 million small marsupials a night.

Top Iron Pty Ltd is a privately owned mineral resource development company registered and based in West Perth, Western Australia.

Western Australia is recognised as one of the best mining jurisdictions in the world, with a rich history of mining.

Top Iron seeks out the opportunity to develop the resources it locates in mining tenements throughout Western Australia, and has purchased exploration licences for iron ore and other minerals in the Mid-West and Pilbara regions.