Toro Energy earns EPA approval for Wiluna Uranium project expansion

Toro Energy ASX release

The Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has recommended approval for the extension of Toro Energy’s Wiluna Uranium Project.

Toro Energy ASX release
Toro Energy ASX release

The recommendation follows the approval from the WA and Federal government to mine the Centipede and Lake Way deposits and establish a processing plant at the Centipede mine site.

Toro Energy said the recommendation expands the approval to incorporate mining of the Millipede (located adjacent to Centipede) and Lake Maitland deposits, and construction of a haul road to connect Lake Maitland and the approved processing plant at Centipede.

Commenting on the EPA recommendation, Toro’s Managing Director, Dr Vanessa Guthrie said:

“Following completion of our mining agreement with the Wiluna People in July, this represents a further significant advance in our project planning. Toro initiated the environmental assessment of the extended project in early 2014, which has been undertaken by the EPA in a very comprehensive and rigorous manner,” she said.

“The assessment represents a further two and a half years of substantive scientific studies including those key environmental factors identified by both government and through public submissions as being of importance to the community and environment. Toro now awaits the decision of the WA Environment Minister following review of any appeals that are raised.”

The EPA decision is now open for appeal for a two week period. The EPA’s report recommends the proposal be implemented subject to certain conditions and procedures. According to the company, the proposal is also being assessed by the Federal Government under the bilateral arrangements for environmental assessment.