Transgrid seeks feedback on short-listed routes for the VNI West

Image credit: Transgrid

Transgrid is urging Murray River communities and landowners to review the preferred route for the VNI West interconnector project, which aims to accelerate the energy transition and increase renewable electricity sharing for millions of Australians.

Project Director Colin Mayer has announced the release of the Draft Route Report for VNI West, developed in consultation with communities and stakeholders. The report includes short-listed routes, including the preliminary preferred route, for the section from Dinawan substation to Murray River.

“It is one of four routes considered in the planning process and this report outlines all options, the benefits and risks for each and the community and stakeholder consultation which supported the process,” Mayer said.

“We strongly encourage people to review the information and provide us with their feedback on this critical transmission project.”


VNI West, a joint development with Transmission Company Victoria, will connect EnergyConnect in NSW and Western Renewables Link in Victoria, a priority project recognised by the Australian Energy Market Operator in its 2022 Integrated System Plan.

The Draft Route Report, released after consultation with communities and landowners, expanded the corridor footprint and made amendments in response to feedback. The preferred route was influenced by the local environment, agricultural land use, cultural heritage, and biodiversity, as well as the updated interactive map.

The Community Consultative Group (CCG) is facilitating discussions among Transgrid, communities, businesses, landowners, and councils about project planning before finalising the route.

Stakeholders will be able to provide feedback via email until 4 March 2024. The final route will be confirmed in late March 2024, and detailed environmental and social impact assessments will begin as part of the formal environmental assessment and approvals process.