WA agrifood-tech innovators at the forefront at evokeAG

Image credit: evokeAG, Facebook

Western Australia is set to showcase 13 emerging agrifood-tech businesses at the Asia Pacific’s premier event, AgriFutures evokeAG.

The WA Government is partnering with evokeAG to host a two-day event on 20-21 February 2024, which is expected to draw 1,600 delegates from 20 countries.

“The innovation coming out of WA is incredible, and it’s inspiring to see such diverse and dynamic agri-tech businesses pushing the boundaries and driving change in the industry,” Agriculture and Food Minister Jackie Jarvis said.

“I look forward to seeing how these startups use evokeAG as a launch pad to grow their networks and potentially expand their customer base.”


The WA startups will exhibit in the event’s ‘Startup Alley,’ among an impressive array of national and international innovators.

“The ‘Startup Alley’ initiative gives these businesses a platform to showcase their work and ambitions with leading farmers, innovators, researchers, industry giants, Government bodies, and investors from around Australia, and the globe,” Acting Innovation and the Digital Economy Minister Don Punch said.

This initiative offers local businesses a unique chance to showcase their innovative technology and engage with global investors and corporations.

Geraldton-based Energy Farmers Australia, which upcycles organic waste to produce bioenergy, and Perth-based Uluu, which has created environmentally-friendly alternatives to plastic from farmed seaweed, are among the firms that will be featured.

The lineup also includes Fremantle-based Nitronic, which produces nitrogen fertilisers from renewable energy sources like wind and solar, and Perth-based EXTAG, which develops wearable devices for livestock to collect and analyse biometric data.