Yancoal to move its Donaldson mine to care and maintenance

Image credit: www.yancoal.com.au

Yancoal Australia announced that it will move its Donaldson operation to care and maintenance in June 2016 following a reduction in mining activities and commencement of new feasibility studies.

Image credit: www.yancoal.com.au
Image credit: www.yancoal.com.au

The move, which comes in response to ongoing global market challenges, will see the Donaldson operations reduce its activities from the running of three mining units to two at its Abel underground mine, directly affecting 10 existing roles.

Yancoal said the immediately-affected employees will be redeployed to the nearby Ashton underground mine, where the company will also begin offering voluntary redundancies.

“Yancoal will also commence offering voluntary redundancies across its Abel, Ashton and Austar underground operations prior to the move to care and maintenance, and is seeking expressions of interest from Donaldson employees willing to move to Austar and Ashton if new opportunities become available,” the company said in a statement.

Donaldson currently employs 103 workers, including staff. The company anticipates that 11 fulltime roles will be required to support the operation as it moves to care and maintenance and continues feasibility studies in June.